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Prohibited and Restricted Businesses


Eligibility criteria:

At Globadyme, we have certain eligibility criteria that need to be met to ensure compliance with internal and external obligations. Therefore, some industries may be prohibited or restricted from working with Globadyme. This is based on a variety of factors including but not limited to:

  • Requirements of our payment partners (e.g., Payment processors, card networks, and acquiring partners.).

  • Local, national, and international laws and regulations.

  • Level of assessed risk for chargebacks and fraud.

  • Reputational impact to Globadyme and the associated costs with this.

    Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and additional restrictions and prohibitions may apply based on factors such as the legality of certain products in specific jurisdictions, the use of payment methods, and the compatibility of our solutions.

    If you are unsure whether your business meets our onboarding requirements and restrictions, please get in touch with your Globadyme representative or contact us directly for more information.


    Prohibited Businesses

    At Globadyme, there are certain activities that are strictly prohibited from using our services. When entering into an agreement with Globadyme and using Globadyme’s services you are confirming that you are not offering or are affiliated with the services or products listed as prohibited. You must not use Globadyme’s services for the following activities:

    Illegal products and services.
  • Illegal drugs, distribution of illegal drugs, substances designed to mimic illegal drugs and equipment designed for making or using drugs.

  • Businesses or organizations that engage in, encourage, promote, or celebrate unlawful violence or physical harm to persons or property or engage in, encourage, promote, or celebrate unlawful violence toward any group based on religion, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or any other immutable characteristic.

  • Services or products that violate the law in the jurisdictions where your business is located or targeted.

  • Telecommunications manipulation equipment, including jamming devices.

  • Fake references or ID-providing services.

    Products and services that infringe intellectual property rights.

  • Dealing in counterfeit goods or illegally imported or exported products.

  • Selling or distributing music, software, movies, or any other licensed materials without the appropriate authorization.

  • Unauthorized sale of brand names or designer products or services.

  • Any other products or services that directly infringe upon or facilitate infringement upon the patent, trade secrets, trademark, copyright, proprietary, or privacy rights of any third party.

    Financial services

  • Financial products or services that are illegal.
  • Currency conversion or currency dealing services that are not licensed.
  • Money orders, money transfers, or cash services that are not licensed.
  • Investment products, information, or consultation services that are not licensed. – Bidding fee auctions.
  • Evasion of Card Scheme monitoring practices.
  • Payment aggregation or factoring services of any kind.
  • Financial products that pose excessively high risks or have questionable legality.

    Adult content and services
  • The sale or distribution of adult services, including prostitution, sexual massages, pay-per-view escorts, and adult live chat features.

  • Adult video stores and other establiments that primarily sell sexually explicit materials.
  • The sale or distribution of pornography and other mature audience content depicting nudity or explicit sexual acts, including literature, imagery, and other media.
  • Any entertainment establishment that is considered sexually oriented, such as gentleman’s clubs, strip clubs, topless bars, escort agencies, sexually oriented massage parlors, or any other sexually related services.

    Products and services that are unfair, misleading, or predatory.

  • Pyramid schemes.

  • Get rich quick’ schemes that make false promises of high rewards for little effort. This includes opportunities to invest or similar services that promise high rewards to mislead consumers, companies that promise easy and fast money, businesses that make outrageous claims, use/make fake and misleading testimonials, use high-pressure upselling, and offer unrealistic rewards/incentives as an inducement to purchase services or products but do not respond to any queries after the purchase.

  • Offering no value-added services, such as reselling a service without any added benefit to the buyer, or reselling government offerings without authorization or added value.

  • Predatory investment opportunities requiring little or no money down.

  • Remote technical support: pay-to-remove sites; essay mills; chain letters; door-to-door sales or mugshot publication.

  • Selling online traffic or engagement.

  • Negative response marketing and telemarketing.

  • Predatory mortgage consulting, lending, credit repair, and counselling services.

  • Any other businesses that Globadyme considers deceptive, predatory, or unfair towards consumers.

    Firearms, explosives, and dangerous materials

  • The sale or distribution of guns, weapons, ammunition, gunpowders, and other explosives.

  • The sale or distribution of peptides, research chemicals, and other toxic, flammable, and radioactive materials.


  • The promotion or facilitation of illegal gambling activities.

  • Games of chance that do not have the appropriate permits or licenses. – Penny auctions.

  • Binary options or Contracts for Difference.

  • Certain legal services

  • Bankruptcy attorneys.

  • Bail bonds.

  • Law firms that collect funds for purposes other than legal service fee payment.


  • The sale or distribution of cannabis products, including marijuana and related paraphernalia.

  • Cannabis dispensaries and related businesses.

  • The sale or distribution of products containing any amount of CBD or THC, which are compounds found in cannabis.

    Restricted Businesses
    Globadyme has a set of activities that are not permitted to use its services unless they have obtained prior written approval. These restrictions may be imposed due to compliance and legal obligations, or as per card network rules or the requirements of financial partners. If your business falls into one of the restricted categories, please contact us. We are here to help your business!

    It is important to note that just because Globadyme agrees to provide its services for a particular product or service, it does not mean that Globadyme has provided legal advice or an opinion on the legality of a merchant’s products and services or their intended use of Globadyme’s services. The merchant is and remains solely responsible for ensuring that their products and services, as well as those of their affiliates, are compliant with applicable laws, regulations, and scheme rules.

    Regulated industries such as:

    Financial products and services

  • Lending services.

  • Brokerage and investment services.

  • Insurance services including medical benefit packages.

  • Neobanks / challenger banks.

  • Buy Now Pay Later services.

  • Crowdfunding.

  • Debt collection agencies.

  • Money transmitters, currency exchange services, and other money services businesses.

  • Other financial institutions.

    Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and telemedicine

  • Online pharmacies.

  • Prescription-only and regulated medical devices.

  • Prescription-only products including card-not-present pharmaceuticals.

  • Telemedicine and telehealth services.


  • Tobacco products including e-cigarettes and e-liquid.

    Government services

  • Embassy, foreign consulate, or other foreign governments. – Government grants.


  • Credit card and identity theft protection services

  • Other age-restricted goods or services.

    Businesses that may present increased financial risk include:

    Non-fiat currency and stored value

  • Virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies, as well as services related to mining and trading them.

  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

  • Prepaid phone cards, phone services, and sim cards.

  • Sale of in-game currency or game items, unless the merchant is the operator of the virtual world. – Sale of stored value or credits maintained, accepted, and issued by anyone other than the seller.


  • Airlines

  • Cruises

  • Timeshare services.

  • Travel reservation services and clubs.

    Business models that are susceptible to being misused or exploited

  • Multi-level marketing

  • Businesses where sellers earn money from selling items and from recruiting new sellers. – Referral marketing programs.

  • Network marketing programs.


  • Drop shipping.

    Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and additional restrictions and prohibitions may apply based on factors such as the legality of certain products in specific jurisdictions, the use of payment methods, and the compatibility of our solutions.